10 actresses who look very ugly without makeup.

Bollywood world is such a lie where all kinds of stunts and false claims are done to entertain people. Today we will talk to you about 10 such actresses who look absolutely old without makeup. She comes out of the house without makeup – see, in such an effort, she forgets how cunning the youth of our country are. Many people set up their base outside the houses of celebrities in Mumbai.

Well, celebrity photos fall into two categories – (1) One is those of their fans, who feel that actresses look beautiful with makeup. (2) Those who believe it is all make-up and pretense. Actresses in real life do not look like they do on screen. Actually, it’s a little bit of both. We have made a list of pictures of some famous Bollywood actresses with and without makeup, which is as follows-

1. Tamanna Bhatia

If we look closely, Tamannaah Bhatia is present in the list of very beautiful actresses. But since last 3-4 years she looks old without makeup. 34 year old Tamanna is very popular for her works. She has a very bold and attractive face. Tamanna is seen in both Bollywood and Tollywood. Since 2020, she has also appeared in webseries on Ott platform. But without makeup her face looks quite different from the one on screen.

 Tamanna Bhatia

2. Priyanka Chopra

Who does not know Chopra, famous as Desi Girl? She entered Bollywood in 2002 with the movie Tamijahan, but faced failure for a few years. By the way, until Priyanka Chopra was 35, she could be seen without makeup. But at present she is 41 years old and is also the mother of a child. Let me tell you, this actress has undergone surgery on her lips twice to look beautiful. But without makeup, her photo was not as beautiful as it was. Well, everything changes with time and age. But, without makeup she looks quite ugly.

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Priyanka Chopra


3. Kareena Kapoor

At one time Kareena Kapoor was considered the goddess of beauty. From 2001 to 2009, people were crazy about its beauty. But ever since she married Saif Ali Khan and had two children, she has become under-old. After marriage, there is very less work in films. Bebo Girl, born on 21st September 1980, is now 43 years old. She leaves her house, gets into the car hiding from everyone, lest anyone clicks her photo.

But for how long and from whom will you hide it, somewhere or the other he will take the photo. Today this photo has come in a very rare situation, which is true.

Kareena Kapoor

4. Malaika Arora

She always remains in the headlines due to her colorful lifestyle and bold hip. 49 The actress also remains in the headlines due to her two marriages. Malaika sits as a judge on Dance India Dance. This actress has lived her life in a completely different way. With great difficulty, this rare photo of her without makeup was found, which shows a reality. Malaika Arora does not even go to the farm house without makeup.

Malaika Arora

5. Tabu

Tabu is one of the most beautiful actresses of the 90’s. But at present you will be surprised to see the picture without makeup. By the way, Tabu has also not married yet. She is just focused on doing her work. During an interview he was asked a question about marriage. In which he would give a diplomatic answer – I am married and my husband is my work, I am married because of my work. By the way, without makeup Tabu looks absolutely ugly and old.


6. Sonam Kapoor

Actress Sonam Kapoor, who is called the stylish fashion brand ambassador of Bollywood, looks quite different in her real life. They don’t exist without makeup. Sonam is 38 years old but looks 50 without makeup. She could not maintain herself like her father Anil Kapoor. Well, you must be aware that she is married to Aanand Ahuja, who is a business tycoon. The actress could not make her life special. This picture of Sonam is quite rare, but true.

Sonam Kapoor

7. Kangana Ranaut

Who does not know Bollywood’s moody and outspoken actress Kangana Ranaut? Although she was considered very beautiful and talented in the initial phase, but this wrinkled photo of Kangana at the age of 36 is screaming that Bollywood is in danger. Meaning impossible, their real life is quite different from their imaginary one. She doesn’t like to go anywhere without makeup. This picture of Kangana tells us that it is not possible to look beautiful on screen without applying makeup. Her current real photo without makeup looks very old and ugly.

Kangana Ranaut

7. Alia Bhatt

Bollywood’s bubbly Alia Bhatt, despite being very young, has wrinkles visible on her face without makeup. Actually, she works very hard for her fitness and facial glow. But, despite this, their face does not glow without makeup. During an interview, Alia told about her diet that she eats a lot of boiled green vegetables. Alia Bhatt is the daughter of Mahesh Bhatt and wife of Ranveer Kapoor. You will be crazy after seeing the photo of Alia without makeup. At present, without makeup, this photo looks quite ugly.

Alia Bhatt

8. Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma is one of the talented actresses of Bollywood. Anushka Sharma is 35 years old. But, this picture of Anushka without makeup will make you aware of fantasy and reality. Anushka Sharma is the wife of famous cricketer Virat Kohli. By the way, Anushka has become the brand ambassador of beauty cream in Myntra delivery app. But, in real life she herself wears a lot of makeup. She cannot look beautiful without makeup. Some rare no-makeup photos taken at her farm house had gone viral. They don’t exist without makeup.

Anushka Sharma

9. Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan is a young actress of Bollywood. His parents have been Bollywood stars. There is no comparison in terms of beauty. As per present time, his age is 28 years. Sara applies makeup on her face. The truth is that people like her more without makeup. Sara wears a lot of makeup on screen. But, Sara’s face also does not look very beautiful without makeup. Let us tell you that she is dating a foreign boy.

Sara Ali Khan

10. Shilpa Shetty

Although Shilpa Shetty was included among many popular actresses. Shilpa also does not have any bad habits – like other stars, partying late at night, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes etc. But 48 year old Shilpa no longer has the same natural beauty as before. Shilpa wears the most makeup. She has held the position of judge in Dance India Dance and Indian Ideal shows. Shilpa cannot even walk on the road without makeup. She also goes to make makeup at her farm house.

She maintains a little discipline – the first thing she does after waking up in the morning is to take a bath, call her makeup artist, and do her makeup. She comes out of the house only after doing make up. Without make up one looks absolutely ugly.

Shilpa Shetty

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