Madhya Pradesh PVFT 2022 Previous Question Paper Pdf- Download Fast

Madhya Pradesh PVFT 2022 Previous Question Paper Pdf- Download Fast

Madhya Pradesh PVFT 2022 Previous Question Paper Pdf- Download Fast: Madhya Pradesh has released many vacancies for PVFT Recruitment for all the candidates, Previous question papers have been provided to you for this exam below. Pre Veterinary & Fisheries Test Sample Papers All the candidates who are searching for Madhya Pradesh PVFT Previous Question Papers can find them on this page.

Candidates can download Madhya Pradesh PVFT 2022 Previous Question Papers PDF from the link given at the end of the page. However, we have given the details of the MP Pre Veterinary and Fisheries Test Pattern below. All the candidates who had applied for the MP Pre Veterinary and Fisheries Test (MP PVFT) can access the MP Pre Veterinary and Fisheries Test Sample Papers. For the sake of helping out all the candidates, we have provided the MP PVFT Old Question Papers PDF at the end of this page.

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Madhya Pradesh PVFT 2022 Previous Question Paper Pdf- Download Fast

Madhya Pradesh PVFT 2022 Previous Question Paper Pdf- Overview

MP PVFT Previous Question Papers PDF | Pre Veterinary and Fisheries Test Sample Papers
Organization Name Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board (MP Vyapam)
Exam Name MP Pre Veterinary and Fisheries Test (MP PVFT)
Category Previous Question Paper
Sub Category Education Entrance Exams, Science Entrance Exams
Purpose of Exam Admission Into B.F.Sc (Bachelor of Fisheries Science) and B.V.Sc & A.H. (Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry) Courses
Official Site
(Exam. Date 03/06/2018 Shift-1 Time 03:00 PM)
(Exam. Date 04/06/2018 Shift-2 Time 09:00 AM)
(Exam. Date 05/06/2016 Time 04:30 PM to 06:30 PM)

Madhya Pradesh PVFT Exam Pattern 2022

Subject Question Marks
Physics 50 50
Chemistry 50 50
Botany 50 50
Zoology 50 50
Total 200 200
  • Total Marks- 200 marks.
  • The time duration of the Exam is 180 minutes.
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Madhya Pradesh PVFT Syllabus 2022


  • Heat conduction in one dimension
  • Convection and radiation,
  • Wave nature of light
  • Lenses
  • Mass-energy relation
  • fission
  • X-Ray: Properties and uses.
  • Unit and dimensions
  • Acceleration due to gravity and its variation
  • Elementary ideas of conductor
  • Bar magnet and Electric current


General and Physical Chemistry:

  • Solutions:
  • Solid State
  • Chemical Equilibrium
  • Structure of Atom
  • Thermochemistry and Thermodynamics
  • Electrochemistry

Inorganic Chemistry:

  • Chemical periodicity
  • Comparative study of elements:
  • Transition metals:
  • Co-ordination compounds
  • Principles of metallurgical-operations
  • Chemical analysis

Organic Chemistry

  • Calculation of empirical and molecular formula of organic compounds,
  • Nomenclature of organic compounds,
  • shapes of alkenes and benzene
  • Common functional groups
  • Isomerism structure
  • Preparation properties and uses of benzene, petroleum, alkynes, alkyl, cracking octane number, gasoline additives.
  • Tissues and tissues systems
  • Photosynthesis and Respiration
  • Enzymes and growth hormones
  • Ecosystem
  • Cell, Structure, and functions of cell organelles
  • Mendel’s Laws of inheritance, Monohybrid, and dihybrid cross
  • Five Kingdom classifications
  • Role of plants in human welfare
  • Wheat and Rice, Pulse (gram), Oilseeds (Groundnut), Sugarcane, Coal and petroleum.


  • Multicellularity -Structure, and Function of Animal Life
  • Structure and function of Skeletal and Nerve, Animal tissues Epithelial, Connective Muscular.

Developmental Biology and Genetics

  • Tissue culture, Genetic Engineering (Brief idea).
  • Mutation, gene mutation.
  • Human population
  • Female reproductive cycles in mammals
  • Blood Group and their significance, Blood Bank.

Taxonomy Evolution and Economic Zoology

  • Classification – Binomial and trinomial nomenclature,
  • Basic features of classification, Classification of different animal phyla up to classes with characters & examples.
  • Theories of organic evolution-Darwin Lamarck, Synthetic Evidence of organic evolution, Origin of life, Human Evolution.
  • Apiculture, Lac culture, Poultry, Economic Zoology/Sericulture, Fishery, and Pearl industry.
  • Protozoan disease in relation to man.
  • Insect carrying diseases in relation to man.
  • Cancer-types of cancer and cancer cell.
  • STD, Immune Response, Communicable diseases (Hepatitis, AIDS), Vaccines and antis era allergies.
  • Smoking, alcoholism and drug addiction
  • Symptoms and control.
  • Wild conservation.