Most important facts and features of scholarship

What is scholarship?

Scholarship is a type of financial assistance which is given to students for financial assistance and mental encouragement in their further education. The basis for giving it is mainly to meritorious or poor students. Through this, bright students whose financial condition is good can complete their studies in a big school, and students whose financial condition is not good also do not face any problem in studies due to this assistance.

This is a type of government assistance, hence while the loan taken for education has to be repaid, there is no need to return it. Only good further studies fulfill its purpose. One of the objectives of giving it is that along with increasing the level of education in their area, those students will also do some good work in the future and brighten the country.

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There are basically two types of scholarships-

1. Merit Based

On this basis, scholarships are awarded to deserving students who have obtained very good marks in their previous examinations. They are more likely to get good marks in the future, that is why many universities give scholarships on the basis of merit. With this, if they get good marks, they can get a job at a very good place or can build a good company, which will bring fame to the university or college.

2. Need Based

On this basis, scholarships are given mainly to poor students. Due to poverty, it is very difficult to get good education, in such a situation many schemes are implemented by the government, so that people from poor families can also get higher education and children of poor families can get jobs in good places in their areas. And they can also do their own business, which will improve their economic condition.

different types of scholarships

  • Pre Matric Scholarship (which is given to students before class 10th).
  • Matric Scholarship (which is given to 10th class students).
  • Post Matric Scholarship (which is given to class XI and XII students).
  • Meritorious student scholarship.
  • General/SC/ST/OBC/Minority Category Scholarship.
  • Scholarship for daughters.
  • Scholarships for books and school uniform, etc.

Features of Scholarship

Nowadays, studying in university has become very expensive. Which creates a lot of difficulty for every student. Because every student is unable to pay the university fees. In such a situation, the government provides scholarships to the students studying in the university by determining the merit list on the basis of class 12th and class 10th. So that students can pursue their higher education smoothly.

Scholarship is given as an assistance amount to the student.

  • After class 12th, a merit list is announced for any student and scholarship is given on the basis of that merit list, so that students who are good in studies can get its benefit.
  • After filling the scholarship form, scholarship is credited to the students’ account on the basis of merit list.
  • The amount of scholarship may vary from state to state as scholarship schemes are mainly determined at the state level.
  • Apart from the good marks in studies of the students who get scholarship, it is also seen whether the student belongs to a poor family or not.
  • Students belonging to poor families easily get the benefit of the scholarship scheme.

How to get scholarship?

  • To get scholarship, every student has to follow a special process. Below is the main general process to avail the scholarship. By following which you can get scholarship.
  • If a student is eligible to take scholarship, then that student will have to submit his application in the scholarship scheme launched by the government.
  • The student has to first submit his/her previous class marksheet along with other common documents like: identity card, income certificate, address certificate, bank passbook photocopy, passport size photograph etc. along with the online application form.
  • After filling the online application for the scholarship scheme launched by the government, those documents are uploaded and that application form has to be submitted.
  • After submission, your application form will be reviewed by the government. When your application form is reviewed, after qualifying you, the scholarship will be credited to your account through the bank details given in the application form.

How do scholarships work?

It’s easy to pay for your education with scholarship money, but many students are confused about what a scholarship is and how it works.

How are scholarship funds awarded? What can students spend the money received from scholarship on? How can students get scholarship? If you have such questions, then below are some questions and answers which can easily understand what is scholarship and how does it work?

How do I apply for the scholarship?

Each scholarship has its own application process, which includes submitting an online or offline application, writing an essay, providing letters of recommendation and submitting other evidence. Be sure to follow the application instructions carefully and submit the application with all required materials before the deadline.

Which are the scholarship portals?

National Scholarship Portal Click here
UP Scholarship Portal Click here
MP Scholarship Portal Click here
Chhattisgarh Scholarship Portal Click here
Rajasthan Scholarship Portal Click here
Haryana Scholarship Portal Click here
Jharkhand Scholarship Portal Click here
Bihar Scholarship Portal Click here
Uttarakhand Scholarship Portal Click here
Himachal Pradesh Scholarship Portal Click here

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