Bajaj Finserv Share Price Today Stock Market

The stock of Bajaj Finserv saw a gain of more than 6 percent

During the opening trade on Tuesday (September 13, 2022)

Ex-bonus and stock split trading started in the stock

The effect of which was visible on the stock prices. In early trading

The price of Bajaj Finserv jumped 6.1 per cent to Rs 1821 per share

The ex-bonus date of the company's bonus is 13 September 2022

The record date for bonus has been kept by the company on the date of 14th September

The shares of Bajaj Finserv are getting  split in the ratio of 1:5 

Post the stock split, the face value of Bajaj Finserv shares will be Rs 5 to Rs 1

The company has also fixed the record date for the stock split on 14th September

That is, the company is trading as X-Split on 13th September