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Yes, that really did happen, and we are both shocked

If you're wondering why there has been such a stir, it is because IU and J-Hope have at last worked together on one frame

The BTS album "Jack In The Box" by J-solo Hope is an endless gift!

Everyone was shocked when, on July 28, a notification for J-debut Hope's on the show "IU's Palette," hosted by actress and singer IU, came

In an episode branded "j-hope," this never-before-seen group of stars offered us around 43 minutes of an electrifying display of unbridled genius. From the Palette

It is a well-known feature of "IU's Palette" that IU and the guest perform one other's songs

Date of birth  16 May 1993

Professions= Model, Singer, Songwritter, Dancer, Film Actor, Voice Actor

IU Net Worth Is US$31–45 Million